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About Us

We are 4 friends who studied together in St. Matthias’ Higher Secondary School in Chennai, India,  from the mid ’70s to the mid ’80s…that makes us ancient, doesn’t it?!  Well, we don’t feel that old, at least not yet!

Over the years, we used to get together for short reunions and we’d talk about the good old days in school.  The pranks we played, the trouble we got into, the good times and the not so good times…. well, you know how it is when you talk to friends whom you’ve grown up with.  Guess there is an invisible bond that ties those who grow up together that never breaks with the passage of time.

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At these reunions, we would talk about how we would like to do something for students who may need a hand to get through difficulties that we too faced as kids.  It had taken us 27 years to form this Trust…but we finally did it!  We registered Kalvi Foundation as a non-profit charitable trust on 19th December, 2013, in Chennai.

So who are we?

Well, there’s C. Nithyanandan, who came up with the idea of forming the Trust.  Nithi is a Chennai based businessman who creates and markets silver artefacts to discerning buyers…looks like silver is indeed the new gold!

And Ranjit Augustine, a Marine Engineer, who sails the high seas, and sees the world..nothing ancient about this mariner! And when he isn’t sailing, Ranjit tries to find his ‘land-legs’ in Bangalore and Chennai!

And Nagarajan Annamalai, who is a Technology Consultant based in the land of the Grand Canyon in the United States.  Naga is also a pilot and actually flies when he feels he needs some air and drives when he feels the need for speed!

And Fanny Nathaniel, a Social Media Marketing Manager, who helps her clients to advertise in cyber space.  When Fanny is not inhabiting her virtual office, you will find her taking long contemplative walks in Chennai or Pondy.

Here’s how we hope to help less-privileged students through Kalvi Foundation …

– Financial assistance for fees, special tuition fees, etc. for less-privileged students

  • who do well in studies but lack the means to excel
  • who’ve lost the earning member of the family to death/disability

– Assistance in Kind (uniforms, shoes, special meals, etc.)

– Special Coaching in studies, sports, and other extra-curricular activities through volunteers

Watch this Space for updates!

How we finance our projects

We decided that the four of us would put in our own funds and set up a Corpus Fund and utilise the interest from this Fund to pay for the activities of the Trust.  We intend to keep adding to the corpus on a regular basis, and as the corpus grows, we will gradually expand to encompass other schools both in and outside Chennai.

We welcome contributions from well-wishers but the method of funding will remain the same.  All contributions, except for a small amount for incidental expenses, will go into the Corpus Fund and only the interest will be used to fund our projects.   And this is written in stone!

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