2 More Students Back in School!

Just when we had decided we had reached our limit this year, we got a call from the headmaster of St. George’s School with a request to sponsor 2 more students.  Aarthi* and Archana* were stopped from school this year as they were unable to pay their fees.  Their father, who had managed to keep them in school all these years, fell on hard times and tried in vain to borrow money for the fees. Nithy and Fanny went on a home visit and found that the family lives in a tiny 80 sq.ft. thatched hut, in a low-income neighbourhood.  The family appears to be close-knit and obviously struggling to make […]

Sponsored Students and Parents Meeting at Kalvi Foundation

We honestly did not think that we would be sponsoring 10 students this year!  When we registered Kalvi Foundation last December, we had thought that we would be able to sponsor only 2-3 students.  Little did we know that we would figure out ways and means as the days went by to enroll more students into the sponsorship programme.  The families who approached us were in such dire need and the children were so eager to study that we just could not turn them away. We thought it would be a good idea to meet all the students and their parents to discuss how we could all work together to […]

Another Unusual Application! We are Sponsoring 10 Students Now!

Sonia* was a class topper in St. George’s School when she passed out of Std. VII.  Unfortunately, her father’s business failed and he was faced with a mountain of debts and completely unable to raise the money to pay Sonia’s school fees.  So although Sonia* managed to go to school and write her quarterly exams in Std. VIII, she had to quit school as her father could not pay the outstanding fees. After one year at home, Sonia’s* father approached the school to re-admit Sonia* but was asked to clear the outstanding dues and they were told that she could be readmitted only to Std. VIII as she hadn’t attended […]

Unusual Request from 2 School Dropouts Leads to 2 More Sponsored Students!

Priya* and her brother Arvind* approached us, through a mutual friend, for guidance on how to appear privately for Class XII and Class X Board Exams.  Priya* is 17 and Arvind* is 15.  They’ve been working for the last two years, ever since their alcoholic dad pulled them out of school and sent them to work.  Priya* has been working as a salesgirl and Arvind* as a helper to an electrician over the last year and a half.  What they earn goes to paying for their family’s upkeep and for incidental expenses. They submitted their applications for sponsorship on their own.  Both Priya* and Arvind* are very eager to study […]

Sponsoring 2 more students!

We’re really happy to share that we’ve taken on two more students for sponsorship this year.  Dinesh* and Dinakar* are brothers and are going into Class XI and Class XII at St. Matthias’ School, Vepery.  Their father is an autorickshaw driver and their mother occasionally works as a housemaid.  They barely earn enough to pay their rent, electricity, food, and loans, but they’ve managed to give these boys a private school education until now by borrowing money every year to pay the fees. Their hard work and efforts were not in vain as both Dinesh and Dinakar study well and have got more than 80% in their Class X board […]

Sponsoring 5 Students This Year ….

Finally all our efforts are bearing fruit.  Out of the 15 applications we received from 4 schools in Chennai city, we shortlisted 7 students.  Ranjit, Nithi, and Fanny personally visited the homes of these children to confirm that they were genuinely in need and out of the 7 students, only 5 met our criteria. Nithi and Ranjit visited Latha* and her mother in her home on 22 April 2014.  Latha*  is going into Class X at St. Matthias’ A.I. Higher Sec. School, Chennai, and suffers from a degenerative bone disease that makes it difficult for her to walk.  Latha* lost her dad a few years ago and her mom works […]

Slowly and Steadily Picking Up Pace

We didn’t think we’d get this far this soon.  But here we are, within 6 months of a germ of an idea being planted in our heads, a registered fully functional charitable Trust. On 19th December, 2013, Kalvi Foundation officially came into being but that didn’t mean anything.  It was just a piece of paper waiting for life to be instilled into it.  Over the last few months, we’ve infused breath into it and fleshed it out and now we can say we are truly ready as a fully formed organisation to do what we set out to do. We’ve met the authorities at St. Matthias’ several times and our […]

On Being A Sponsored Child ….

Back in the mid ‘70s and ‘80s when not every household had a tv or even a landline phone, we were in school and enjoying every minute of it!  We remember in those days (yes, we are beginning to sound like our parents and grandparents “andha kaalathula”!) being a child meant laughing a lot and playing till we dropped. Kabbadi, volleyball, basketball, cricket, table tennis, badminton, athletics … you name it, we’ve played it!  And after school, we played on the streets. But life wasn’t always fun and games.  We had our ups and downs too.  Our families were not well-to-do, our parents were struggling to make ends meet with […]

Idiyappam, Rotis, Kulfi and Ideas Galore!

It was reunion time again!  And, as usual, Nithi the ‘master re-uniter’ pulled it off!  It’s almost magical how he finds our old schoolmates.  This time, it was Jennifer and Bhaskar who joined us and with Sree there too, it was fun all around – back to school days! Bet you can see the mischief dancing in our eyes! Nithi, Ranjit, and Fanny decided to brainstorm over dinner yesterday at one of the oldest haunts of Chennai – the Blue Diamond on Poonamallee High Road in Purasawalkam.  Nithi brought Jennifer and Bhaskar as a surprise and it turned out to be a very pleasant one!  Bhaskar, now a doctor – […]

Where it all started…

A few years ago, when the school was closed for vacation, I happened to be there.  And as I walked around, filled with nostalgia, I found the door to the classroom that used to be Std. II ajar.  I couldn’t help sneaking a peek.  The emotions that flooded me then are indescribable. Little did I know that one day my friends and I would be able to give something back to the school that gave us so much unstinting support.  When I say ‘the school’, I mean the headmistress and the teachers who loved us so unconditionally that we didn’t realise how much till much after we left school.  Our […]

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