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We wanted our first project to be at our old school, St. Matthias’, as we spent our formative years there and carry with us many fond memories that sustain us through the ups and downs of life. This is our attempt to give back a little to our alma mater, which gave us so much more.

Rather than starting off with a big bang and fizzling out before the year is out, we wanted to keep our operations small and extremely focused so that what we start is sustained till the end.  Our intention is for the Trust to go on even after we, the Trustees, have lived our lives on earth and moved on to other realms!

How we finance our projects

We decided that the four of us would put in our own funds and set up a Corpus Fund and utilise the interest from this Fund to pay for the activities of the Trust.  We intend to keep adding to the corpus on a regular basis, and as the corpus grows, we will gradually expand to encompass other schools both in and outside Chennai.

We welcome contributions from well-wishers but the method of funding will remain the same.  All contributions, except for a small amount for incidental expenses, will go into the Corpus Fund and only the interest will be used to fund our projects.   And this is written in stone!

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