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No. of Students Sponsored from St. Matthias’ as of 19 June 2014:

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28 May 2014

We’re really happy to share that we’ve taken on two more students for sponsorship this year.  Dinesh* and Dinakar* are brothers and are going into Class XI and Class XII at St. Matthias’ School, Vepery.  Their father is an autorickshaw driver and their mother occasionally works as a housemaid.  They barely earn enough to pay their rent, electricity, food, and loans, but they’ve managed to give these boys a private school education until now by borrowing money every year to pay the fees.

Their hard work and efforts were not in vain as both Dinesh and Dinakar study well and have got more than 80% in their Class X board exams.  They applied to us for financial aid and Nithi and Fanny visited their home on 24th May 2014 and found that they stay in a very small but neat 100 sq.ft. house in a low income locality.  As they fulfil all our criteria for sponsorship, we decided to sponsor both of them this year.

We will sponsor 50% of the fees in the first term and after review of their quarterly exam results, our contribution will be increased if they show good progress.  We’ve decided that we will pay 100% of the fees if they get more than 80% marks.

With the addition of these two boys, our total number of sponsored students at St. Matthias’ stands at 4.


30 April 2014

We received a total of 11 applications from St. Matthias’ but only 2 students met our criteria.

Nithi and Ranjit visited Latha* and her mother in her home on 22 April 2014.  Latha*  is going into Class X and suffers from a degenerative bone disease that makes it difficult for her to walk.  Latha* lost her dad a few years ago and her mom works as a door-to-door salesperson selling phenyl to make ends meet.  She has an older sister who is working but is saving her income for her future and does not share with the family.  They stay in their aunt’s house and pay Rs.2000 a month for food and accommodation.  Latha* studies well and gets As and Bs but says she needs help with Maths and Computer Science.  We have enrolled Latha in private tuitions for both Maths and Computer Science during the holidays and starts classes from 1st May 2014.

Then, Nithi and Ranjit went to Madhuri’s* home.  Madhuri is also a student of St. Matthias’ A.I. Higher Sec. School, Chennai, and will be going into Class VIII this year.  She is an average student who gets mostly Bs and Cs.  Madhuri’s* father expired recently and the family is still in a state of shock.  Her mom works at a bike showroom and earns Rs.6500 a month with which she has to manage all their expenses.  They live in a small 10×10 space which is part of an ancestral property and they share the property with several other relatives.  Madhuri will also start special coaching classes on 1st May 2014 to improve her comprehension of all subjects.


15 April 2014

We’ve received 7 applications from St. Matthias’ and there are 3 more applications getting ready.  Once the final exam results are out in mid May, we will be able to select candidates for sponsorship.  We then plan to interview the students along with the parents and after making home visits, finalise the sponsorship.

We’re also considering starting vacation special classes for the selected candidates from May 15 to May 31, 2014.

Unfortunately, the lunch we had planned to sponsor on 2nd April, 2014 was called off by the school authorities as they had to declare study holidays a day earlier than planned.  We plan to use the funds to pay for textbooks, etc., in the next academic year.



25 March 2014

After several meetings with Mr. Daniel Yesupatham, the Headmaster of St. Matthias’, and Rev. Samuel Prabhakar, Presbyter of St. Matthias’ Church, we plan to launch Kalvi Foundation’s first project at St. Matthias’ School.

We have started collecting applications from the students who are enrolled in the Midday Meal Scheme provided by St. Matthias’ Church to the needy students of the school.  We plan to shortlist 1 or 2 students whom we will sponsor in the next academic year provided they meet the eligibility criteria.  We also hope to provide textbooks and other items depending on our funds.

On 2nd April, 2014, we will be sponsoring a special meal for these students.  We have invited Mrs. C. Ignatius, who was the Headmistress of St. Matthias’ School when we studied there, and Mrs. Sheela Prasad who was our class teacher and also took Non-Detail classes for us as we grew older.  They have both graciously accepted our invitation and we are truly honoured.  With this event, Kalvi Foundation will be officially in operation.


Watch this space for updates.



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